Get your entries in.

Well it is less than 2 months until 2017 ROMAC.

I am seeing on Strava that people are getting the kilometres in the legs and the hours in the saddle. The orders for the jerseys along with registration forms need to be in by Friday 31st March to ensure that the jerseys will be printed and delivered in time.

Spread the word to others thinking about doing some or all of the ride.

Neil Dale

Emerald Rotary ROMAC 505 Bike Ride Convenor

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2017 Route

The 2017 route is the same as 2016.

We will be spending less time on the highways and our changeover points for riders will be no further than 70km from Emerald. This will make our transport logistics with bus and truck easier.

There will be two pelotons. The first peloton will leave Emerald at 8am, averaging 25km/hr. This will be the peloton which riders can join or rest from at the changeover points of Rubyvale or Capella. This peloton should arrive back in Emerald at about 7pm for a meal break.

The second peloton will leave Emerald at 9:30am, averaging 30km/hr. There will be support vehicles for this peloton but there will not be a bus / truck for riders to join or drop out of legs. Any rider unable to keep up will have to ride in one of the support vehicles. the second peloton should arrive back in Emerald at about 7pm for a meal break.

After the evening meal break, there will only be one peloton heading to Springsure. The average speed for the rest of the ride will be in the 25 – 27km/hr range.

Neil Dale

Event Co-ordinator

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Hi again Folks,

Peter Dingle has very kindly set up an ‘Emerald ROMAC 505’ Club page on Strava.  To get to know Strava it would be best to go to and browse. I’m a Strava novice but will upload my paltry efforts just to balance those of Greg Hicks etc.

Peter Dingle wrote – “Well I’ve taken the first tentative steps and created the club page here…  I used the ROMAC logo off the website & the blurb from your home page, hope that’s OK (please let me know if you’d like it changed).

I’ve sent an invite to a few of the lads that I’m already connected to on Strava (Nathan & Adam Clarke, Greg Hicks, Craig Firth & Errol) – that way there should be some activity for people to see when they first log in.

I’ve also had a stab at some instructions as per below…

If you already have a Strava account

  1. Click on the link – (you should see the ‘Emerald ROMAC 505’ page)
  2. Select ‘Log In’ at the top right of the screen
  3. You will be redirected to the Strava login page
  4. Complete your login details
  5. You will be redirected back to the club page
  6. Simply hit the ‘Join Club’ button

If you do not have a Strava account

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Sign Up for Free’
  3. Either sign in using your Facebook account, or…
  4. Fill in your details, hit ‘Create my Account’ and follow the prompts
  5. Once your account is active, just follow the steps above.”

So the Emerald ROMAC 505 ride now has a Strava Club Page. Join in the fun and upload your ride stats. Apps for iPhone and Android are free. Upload instructions from all sorts of devices including mobile phones and Garmin GPS cycling computers available at the Strava website. If all else fails, once you have a free Strava account, you can add data manually!

Try it out.

Thank’s once again to Peter Dingle.

John Evans

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